Space Battleship Yamato Movie 3: The New Voyage (DVD)

Space Battleship Yamato Movie 3: The New Voyage (DVD)

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With the Comet Empire war behind them, Yamato's crew at last looks forward to a bright future. Dessler, too, is ready for a new beginning with the remnants of his Gamilus empire. But other forces have begun to move... and soon the stars will again be shaken by the thunder of war!
Unknown to Dessler, the aggressive Black Star Empire has invaded his former homeworld and is tearing it apart for energy to fuel its war machine. Dessler is shocked when this leads not only to the destruction of Gamilus, but also the disruption of Planet Iscandar, which goes hurtling off into deep space carrying Queen Stasha and Mamoru Kodai to certain death. When word of this reaches Yamato, the battle is joined at warp velocity with Iscandar as the prize! Despite the newfound alliance between Dessler's spacefleet and the might of Yamato, the awesome power of the Black Star's ultimate weapon brings the fight to a stalemate... which can only be broken by a spectacular act of love and sacrifice!

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