.Hack//Legend of the Twilight Vol. 3: End Game (DVD)

.Hack//Legend of the Twilight Vol. 3: End Game (DVD)

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Rena, who is trapped in a strange area cut off from the rest of The World, begins to piece together what happened, but she is unable to contact Shugo. He, meanwhile, is now a wanted character and is having a hard time just moving around in The World. Things look bad until they get a visit from an unexpected character who gives them information. Following this tip, Shugo's group finds the hackers, but then the Cerulean Knights find them. A battle erupts. As they dispatch the monsters, a new and more powerful foe appears.
The group realizes that they are dealing with a wandering AI, a Non-Player Character that has gained consciousness. This rogue AI, known as Morti, is determined to bring “death” to The World so she can understand it. When Sanjuro and Balmung realize what Morti plans, they understand that she must be stopped, no matter the cost! As the battle rages, Morti holds Rena prisoner. Now Shugo faces an impossible choice – save his sister or save The World and everyone in it!

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