.Hack//Legend of the Twilight Vol. 2: Enter the Nightmare! (DVD)

.Hack//Legend of the Twilight Vol. 2: Enter the Nightmare! (DVD)

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The group of four who are behind the disruptions in The World decide that Shugo must be eliminated. After all, he is the one with Kite's legendary bracelet, the only item that can defeat them. Once they dispatch a forged message supposedly from Aura, they just sit back and wait. Shugo and the others, behaving as heroes should, go to help Aura. Before they realize that it's a trap, one of their number disappears! Rena is gone!
Overcome with grief and guilt, Shugo swears that he will save his sister, but doesn't know where to begin looking. Everyone else pledges to help. But time is running out! The game has become deadly serious. And as the criminal masterminds continue their attacks on Shugo, they attract the attention of the Cerulean Knights, CC Corporation's guardians of order. Shugo is now a suspect! And, as The World swirls in chaos, a character from the past reappears to once more defend justice!

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