The Best of Anime

The Best of Anime

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Sixteen tracks of music from "the best of the best" of Japanese animation, covering the '60s through the '90s. Features theme songs from Speed Racer, Gigantor, Astro Boy, and others. Collect both the Cutey Honey and the Speed Racer Covers! Also includes a 12-page booklet written by anime authority Fred Patten.


1. Astro Boy Theme
2. Gigantor Theme
3. Speed Racer Theme
4. Lum's Love Song - Urusei Yatsura
5. Sentimental Over the Shoulder - Megazone 23
6. Beautiful Planet - Windaria
7. Active Heart - Gunbuster
8. Adesso E Fortuna - Record of Lodoss War
9. Full Moon Light - Devil Hunter Yohko
10. Sailing - Silent Moebius
11. Happy Birthday to Me - Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
12. Just Beyond the Time - New Dominion Tank Police
13. My Heart I Can't Say, Your Heart I Want to Know - Oh My Goddess
14. Cutey Honey Theme
15. Voices - Macross Plus
16. Sailor Moon Theme

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